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Watch & Learn: Your Own Marketing Plan

It's Tuesday, which means it's the last day of my "Watch & Learn series. So since it's the last day, I thought it would be best not to focus on someone else's marketing strategy, but to only focus on yours. After all, it is the one that deserves the most attention. So What Do YOU [...]

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Watch & Learn: Coca-Cola

Happy Monday folks! Let's continue my Watch & Learn series, taking a look at marketing powerhouses and finding what we can learn from them. We're starting the week off right, looking at Coca-Cola. Enjoy! So What Do They Do Right? They Keep It Simple It's safe to say Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brand world-wide. Founded in [...]

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Watch & Learn: Netflix

Learn From The Best: Netflix It's true what they say: "Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." Who's they? Not sure, but they were right. You can be an "expert" in your field or industry, but if you get to a point where you feel you know it all, you've got another thing coming. [...]

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Ali's Thanksgiving Giggle: The Woes Of My Mother's Annual Cooking

Continuing our Thanksgiving blog series, we're featuring some funny Thanksgiving memories. For me, my funniest Thanksgiving memories are of my mother's cooking, and I'll share one here! Okay...so before I begin this, I have to note that Thanksgiving is the only time of year my mother cooks and she cooks ALOT. Not a lot of practice [...]

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What You Didn't Know About Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a balloon! That's right, the 90th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be live on the streets of Manhattan on Thanksgiving morning! The parade is one of my favorite parts of the year. Families huddled together in the cold of New York to hear the latest Broadway performances, [...]

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Earn And Keep Customer Trust

Price Or Trust? What mostly comes into play when a customer decides to buy or not buy? Price? Think again. The answer we're looking for here is trust. If a customer doesn't trust a brand, all the discounts in the world won't change their minds. Trust Leads To Loyalty An example of this can be [...]

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Understanding Your Audience: Veterans

Honor Our Veterans Today is Veterans Day! I will admit when typing this I looked up whether the proper usage was "Veterans Day" or "Veteran's Day." Turns out the proper usage is Veterans Day because this day isn't owned by them, but meant to honor them. The truth is we should be honoring our service [...]

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Brand Benefits To Closing Your Doors This Thanksgiving

November is in full swing and before we know it... it'll be turkey time! Besides that grand feast and family time, there is another element to this holiday that many people enjoy. You guessed it: Black Friday. Let's talk about what brand benefits you may be missing out on and why it's a good idea [...]

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Marketing Horror Stories: The Ghoulish Ghosting Group

For today's marketing horror story, we hope you're feeling brave, because this twisted tale is enough to send anyone in a corner screaming. This is the story of Tom. A man who lived through a nightmare with a company he thought he could trust. A company who made the mistake of ghosting customers with no [...]

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