I love advice columns. I follow several of them: some for the great advice, some for the humor, and some because they make me feel like my life is definitely less crazy than what I imagine it to be at times. So I decided to start my own with “Ask Amanda” and this is the intro session. I plan on giving you bits and pieces of advice on questions SDB receives regularly by giving you a question-and-answer style setting. So…fire away!

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Dear Amanda,

What is the point of blogging? I see no reason to do that, because I feel my product and our service sells itself. And if they do have questions, why don’t they just call me?

-A Non-Writer

Dear Non,

Writing is definitely an art form. Writing about a topic you’re particularly invested in can make it tough to see the angle of a consumer. You may have the most amazing service or product in the world, but if your customers can’t relate to you, it can make a connection difficult. The purpose of blogging is threefold:

  1. You’re Connecting With Your Client Base: The key purpose of blogging is to connect with your customers. As a business owner, you’re looking to give them information about how your products and services can make their lives better, easier, more fun, prettier, happier, less stressful, [fill in the blank here].
  2. SEO Loves It: Want to be higher up on search engines? Blogging helps add constant content to your website. Search engines L-O-V-E that stuff. Stagnant websites are boring. Think of search engines as thermal cameras…they’re going to pick up on the living, breathing entities first. Blogging is the air to your website.
  3. It’s Right There: As we said before, blogging places the information in your customer’s hands. Today’s consumers are really educated these days and want their information at the tip of their fingertips. It’s important to remember than they want to know why they should choose your company…blogging gives them that reason. It’s a great way of advertising. Imagine getting this phone call: “Hey, I read your blog about catching purple people eaters…there’s one in my backyard and I need your help.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first segment of Ask Amanda. Be sure to send any questions you have to Amanda@SDBCreativeGroup.com!



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