Hey Amanda,

I’m a little worried about my marketing plan. While some of our goals are successful (we’re driving business to our website), others don’t appear to be working as well (social media growth). It’s really frustrating to see numbers in the red on our reports. Can you help?


The Captain Who Is Possibly Going Down With The (Marketing) Ship

Dear Cap’t,

Analytics are one of the most overwhelming parts of my job. I understand how incredibly frustrating it is to develop and implement great ideas only to see them, well, flop around like a fish on deck. However, there is hope. We’re going to chat today about how determine a marketing success from a sinking ship.

A Marketing Success

First of all, there is no such thing as a perfect marketing plan. Or a perfect company. Or a perfect marketer. Do you know why? Because of people. When we get “in it” (caution – adult language in the link, but great movie!), it’s hard to factor in the people element. Your business may have a fantastic marketing plan, product, and goal…but you can’t always tell what people are going to do. All of the analytics in the world cannot accurately predict human behavior. However, there are a few gauges to determine a marketing success story:

  • You’re seeing a return on investment and an increase in activity.
  • Your business is growing.
  • Your website traffic is increasing.
  • People are seeking your opinion or advice.
  • You are increasing connections in your field.
  • Your site is moving up in rankings organically.
  • You interact with visitors on your social media sites more frequently.
  • Your conversion rate is up (people are doing what you want them to – site visits, forms are filled out, etc.)
  • Revenues are up.

Sinking Ship

There are also a few ways to know if you’re up a creek without a paddle. However, in the world of digital marketing, it’s so much easier and faster to gauge your success. Think of when nothing was available except for television, billboards, yellow pages, and radio. There was NO WAY of knowing exactly how successful your efforts were.

In today’s marketing, we’re able to accurately see results in real time. Ultimately, if your phone isn’t ringing, your site isn’t seeing new visitors, and your business is stagnant…you better start swimming.

There Is A Marketing Life Raft

The best thing about marketing is that you can tweak it. It’s not an edict chiseled in stone! If you notice that you’re getting more results from search engine traffic than you are from social media advertising, you can switch it up. You will have real time data to prove your results. Noticing a particular demographic purchases your product more often than others? Why not market to them primarily? The ultimate test of a great marketer is to not get stagnant – it’s a constantly changing process.

My recommendation: take a look at how your social media campaigns are structured. Your target audience who is finding your website may not be utilizing social media to interact as frequently – find out why! There’s always an answer…a little marketing “North Star” to guide you home.



Ask Amanda Update: Our content team has recently readjusted our blog strategy and as such, the “Ask Amanda” blog will now be posted quarterly instead of monthly.


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