Hey, everyone! Your favorite marketing advice columnist is back with more reader questions. Today’s topic focuses on reasons your marketing isn’t working. Read on for more sage advice from yours truly. I’m going to share how to fix that problem.

Dear Amanda,

My marketing isn’t working! I’ve spent a lot of money trying to get my business out there and I’m not seeing any value in my marketing. I’m so bummed out about it. It just makes me think that marketing isn’t worth it. Please help!


Flustered & Frustrated

Dear Flustered,

First of all: do.not. stop. marketing. I know that right now, you feel like you’re just burning money since you aren’t seeing any results. However, I’ve got a few suggestions on how to evaluate where your efforts are falling short.

(1) There Are Too Many Irons In The Fire

If you’re feeling like you’re spread too thin in your marketing efforts, chances are you’re right. There are so many different marketing options available to businesses that the number of choices can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to evaluate where you’re most likely to find customers.

If you see more of a response from Facebook posts, then start there. If your billboard is coming up for renewal but you haven’t seen a return on it, dump it! Just like you figured out the best product or service for your business, you have to determine the right arena for your marketing activities. Just because a platform or option is available doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right fit for your industry.

Need Help Troubleshooting Marketing Techniques?

SDB Makes Marketing Work For You.

(2) Cater To Your Customers

We all know the old adage, “The customer is always right.” While this is true in most capacities, it’s also important to know that the customer wants what they want. What I mean by this is that you must create content that appeals to your customer base. If you’re focusing on a very small niche of clients with your content, you’re missing out on others.

(3) You Aren’t Working With An Expert


“Professional” marketing at its finest.

Do you have an in-house person who is responsible for your marketing…and accounting, human resources, and sales? Perhaps your IT folks manage your blog? Oh, let me guess: your admin handles your social media? You can’t expect someone with no training to understand how to properly market your business.

When you work with SDB, you’re working with experts who do this every. single.day. Would you consider having a medical procedure done by someone who dabbles in the medical field? NO WAY! People choose your business because you’re the expert in your field…and we’re experts in ours.



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