There is so much going on in the world today, especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. It can be hard to stay on top of everything. Today, we’re discussing what to do when your marketing falls behind.

Dear Amanda,

I’m really stressed out about my marketing. I feel like I’m behind on social media and my website needs an upgrade. I just feel really lost and I just don’t know where to start. Is it even possible to catch up with my competitors?


Morose Marketer

Is Your Marketing Dragging Behind?

SDB Is Here To Help Pick You Up.

Dear Morose,

First of all, I’m sorry your marketing is creating a lot of anxiety for you. That’s never a fun situation. However, I have to stress that it’s never too late to start marketing the right way. There are several steps you can take to help you evaluate your plan a little easier.

(1) Get Organized

You already know that marketing takes some time. If you read Kelsie’s blog series this on building your brand, you definitely know that.

There’s nothing wrong with starting out late. However, if that’s the case, you need to start out strong.

The best plan of action is to, well, make a plan of action. Determining your marketing goals is the best place to start. Are you looking to increase social media followers? Drive more traffic to your website? Increase awareness of promotions offered by your business? These are critical questions to answer before you begin. Otherwise, you’re just tossing water at a fire instead of determining the source.

(2) Implement Accordingly

As you already know, you must implement a marketing and advertising plan. However, both financially and time-wise, the costs associated with implementation can be a little overwhelming. It’s important to prioritize your goals. Trying to complete too many tasks at once can cause a headache.

Start by outlining your goals and implementing them over a period of time. When you do this, you’re able to obtain better benchmark information. That information can help you set better goals in the future.

For instance, set up your implementation plan into monthly goals:

  • 1 – Revamp website
  • 2 – Determine applicable social media platforms and create accounts
  • 3 – Build followers
  • 4 – Create marketing campaigns for summer sale.
  • 5 – Evaluate remarketing efforts for previous customers.
  • 6 – Review and revisit previous goals to evaluate success and make adjustments.

(3) Hire The Best

We don’t claim to be experts in your field. However, the team at SDB is skilled in funneling your knowledge about your industry into relatable information for your customers. We’re experienced in dealing with many skills. These include multi-platform social media, blogging, website development, graphic design, and more. We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to your advertising and marketing needs.

When you hire SDB, you’re hiring a team of experts to help boost your business. Our clients are like family to us. We know you’re a standout business. It’s our job to make you shine.



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