An email campaign can be a critical component to successfully utilizing digital media for your marketing goals. Today, we’re going to answer a reader question about how to work it to your advantage!

Hey Amanda,

I constantly see emails from companies come through my inbox. Obviously, some are better than others, but I want to know how make sure people actually read mine. What’s the best way to make sure my email campaign is working?


Anxious Emailer

Do Email Campaigns Make You Nervous?

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Dear Anxious,

Really, there’s no need to be anxious at all. Promise! Email campaigns are a great way to get information out to your client base. It’s a pretty versatile tool that can really make an impact. There are several factors to consider.

Is Your Email Campaign For Informational Or Promotional Purposes?

You have to determine what your end goals will be for your emails.

  • Informational – These emails are great for sharing newsletters, recent blogs, or upcoming events.
  • Promotional – Offering a sale or a giveaway? Email is a great option for sharing that information!

Who’s Your Audience?

The great thing about many mail programs is that you can create email groups with specific purposes. If you’re looking to target people on your newsletter, you can do that! Wanting to set up an email address list with people who have requested more information via your website? You can do that, too!

Email works great for casting a wide net…or for just testing the waters in one spot.

What’s In An Email?

A successful email isn’t necessarily one that focuses on you…the focus is on what you can do for your customers! You’ll keep more of your email contacts by giving them information relevant to them or by offering sales, offers, or giveaways they’re interested in having. Either way, making sure your customers like what they’re reading will ensure they will want to continue seeing your emails.

It’s Not An Exact Science

Email marketing is kind of trial and error. You may see unsubscribes on your list, but that’s totally okay. You just have to keep trying and adjusting until you start seeing results. SDB works to make sure that the information added in any email campaign is specific to the customers! We work to gauge how many people are opening and responding to emails…that way we can improve with each campaign!

I hope this has helped you feel more confident about how email campaigns work and how to make sure they’re successful. SDB is here to answer any of your questions about emailing! Don’t hesitate to contact us!





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