The SDB team has spent this week focusing why you should hire a professional to do your marketing (you can read my portion of it here). DIY marketing isn’t exactly as simple as you’d think. Seriously. You should read the blog series.

Dear Amanda,

I’m a small business and every penny counts. Why shouldn’t I just do my own marketing and advertising?


I Wanna DIY

Of All Your DIY Projects, Marketing Shouldn't Be One Of Them

SDB Can Help Your Efforts Succeed

Dear I Wanna,

I’m a big fan of doing things yourself. Learning how to make a fancy meal, starting in a new hobby, or decorating your personal space: those are all great ways to incorporate DIY. However, if I’m making an investment, I’m absolutely 100% not going to do it myself until I know for sure what I’m doing. I prefer to hire a professional to help me manage my retirement, a banker to finance my loans, and a mechanic to fix problems with my car (or I just sweetly ask the Man Friend, a mechanical engineer, to do that…but he’s got experience).

I wouldn’t hire a plumber to reroof my house.

I wouldn’t pay a gardener to change my tires.

I wouldn’t expect an interior designer to cater a fancy dinner party.

All this being said, marketing is an art form. Sure, you can come up with color combinations, a slogan, and some great ideas. But marketing isn’t that simple. There are so many questions to ask…plenty of whos, whats, whens, wheres, whys, and hows. Who are you targeting? How often do they need to be reached? What are your goals? When are your deadlines? How can you effectively manage your ad spend versus return on investment? Where is your audience? These questions are just a drop in the bucket!

Part of SDB’s strategic process is coming up with a constantly evolving plan to meet your goals. We’re Google AdWords certified. We have experience making traditional media placements. We blog, we create content, we have video production/editing…and MORE! Call SDB today. We’re where strategy meets creativity!



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