Dear Amanda,

What is the deal with all of this visual content I’ve been seeing? I have a lot of great information to share, but it’s too complicated to explain in just a few words or pictures. I feel like I’m missing the boat.


Graphically Challenged

Dear Challenged,

First and foremost: I must publicly declare that I am NOT a graphic designer. I am not an artist. I can’t use Photoshop to save my life. But that doesn’t matter. Do you know why? Because the picture is the carrot.

The Carrot Concept

Are Graphics Golden Or Generic?(wait, what?! a carrot?! where?! what carrot?!)

Yes. The carrot. Stay with me.

Everyone has heard the fable of the carrot and the stick, right? The mule, donkey, horse, whatever walks towards the carrot to avoid the slap of the stick. Both are motivators, one positive and one negative.

The carrot is the graphic to your marketing. It’s not the meal at the end of the work. But the carrot (graphic) acts as a motivator to encourage your customers to look at what you’re offering. It’s an attention grabber.

Graphics Are Meant To Pop

Are Graphics Golden Or Generic?Think of your website as a tree. A great website has deep roots, a solid trunk, and sturdy branches. These make up your website content, SEO, and other information. Working together, they build a tree capable of withstanding storms. Think of the leaves, berries, and fruit as your graphics. It draws your eye in and makes you want to look closer. These colors and shapes make the tree pop…but that’s not where the showcase is. Without the tree, the leaves don’t mean much.

Sorry for the weird metaphor…but when you’re talking about graphics, the purpose of them is to drive customers to your website or your contact information. Visuals aren’t meant to be the main event. How can a picture explain a complicated process, a highly technical product, or an interesting concept? Simply…it can’t.

According to HubSpot, “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.” This is your carrot and your leaves.

If you’re looking to engage customers through visuals and graphics, talk to SDB Creative Group. We offer high-quality images, content, and video to help your customers retain more information…about you!

In the meantime, can someone bring me a slice of carrot cake? It sounds good for some reason…



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