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On December 13, 2005, Omnistar Advertising and Consulting was founded by Dedee and Shane Boring in Midland, TX. Success soon followed and Omnistar was attracting interested investors and partnership opportunities. In May of 2008, Omnistar Advertising merged with another advertising agency in Midland. Based on the initial agreement, it appeared that both companies had similar goals and interest for the development of the company and how to serve our clients. However, it became clear quickly, that was not the case, and in June of 2009, we severed ties with that company and continued with the Omnistar business model.

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SDB Creative Group

With valuable knowledge gained from the experience and the desire to be the best marketing firm in the area and beyond, Shane and Dedee started a new company, SDB Creative Group. SDB Creative Group name came by combining Shane’s and Dedee’s initials. Shane and Dedee have always been a great team which has helped propel their success. It was important to incorporate both of them in the name of the business without naming it “Boring Advertising.”

Within three months of opening our new office, the company doubled in size and in December of 2009 moved to our current location in Midland. Our agency has transitioned from a “traditional” advertising agency to a “digital” agency. Rather than providing primarily TV, radio, and print placements, we create and promote the digital presence that is mandatory in our “on demand” society.

On Demand Society

What do we mean by “on demand society?” We live in an “on demand” society, meaning we consume media when we want, how we want, and where we want. Our job is to make sure that YOU are there, no matter where “there” may be.

While Midland, TX may be home for SDB Creative Group, we  recently “put boots down” in Austin, TX. We see Austin as not only a place where our services can be highly beneficial, but also a place where we can let our creative talents grow.

While our areas served are primarily the Midland and Austin areas, the nature of our business allows us to serve clients everywhere. If you’d like more information on our services or our areas served, please contact us!

SDB areas served

While our areas served are primarily the Midland and Austin areas, the nature of our business allows us to serve clients everywhere.