What Should Your Content Do?

If your business is doing things right, you’re consistently pumping out fresh, relevant, informative content for your current and potential customers. But how do you know all of that content is fulfilling what your customers need? Are your customers wasting time reading your content?

Let me give you an example of customers wasting time: On Wednesday, our team of Content Strategists logged into a webinar for which we had previously registered. This particular webinar was hosted by a company who makes software we use every day. We looked forward to filling our minds with new features of the product, new ideas and uses of the software: not so much.

What Should Your Content NOT Do?

As the webinar began, we quickly realized the content was irrelevant to us. Not only that, but the presentation of the content was less than exciting, and extremely difficult to follow. We soon turned off the webinar and went about our day.

So What Can You Learn?

Don’t do this to your customers. The content you put out should be a quick read, enticing, and educational.The quickest way to lose a viewer/reader is to speak in jargon specific to your industry. Make it easy to watch, read, understand etc.

If you want to keep your customers coming back, you have to give them something to look forward to and be a resource to them.

Are your customers wasting time reading your content? Do both of yourselves a favor, and call SDB! Let our team amp up your content with the content that will keep customers coming back for more!

Stop Wasting Your Customers' Time

Amp Up Your Content With SDB

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