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You’re ready to rock and roll and get your ad out to the public, right? Yes, but not quite. You’ve got all this great stuff but…where do you put it? When choosing placement for your advertising, the biggest question you face is are you using the right medium for your advertising?

WHO Is Your Target Audience?

This is one of the first questions we ask any business owner…ever. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then what’s the point? Knowing who your demographic in specific terms will be extremely important when choosing a medium that will work for your ads. Your focus can range in various ways, from age to education, gender to zip code, interests and hobbies to work experience. The marketing possibilities are endless…but you have to know who to target.

WHEN is That Target Audience More Likely to See or Hear Your Message?

Once you’ve determined who your specific demographic is, now you need to figure out when to advertise to them. Timing is everything when it comes to advertising. You have to make sure that you’re reaching your desired demographic at times when they’re available. If you’re geared towards marketing to kids, after school and on weekends will net you more results. Looking to hit up the sports crowd? Choosing placements during game times is critical. You get our drift.

Does This Feel A Little Overwhelming?

No Worries. SDB Has Your Back.

WHERE Is Your Advertising Being Utilized?

Online marketing options are critical. Specific choices such as Google AdWords or social media ads make it easy by allowing you to target extremely specific demographics directly through those platform. This gives us an opportunity to instantly track and analyze clicks and statistics…which means you can get real-time data! If you’re not seeing the results you were looking for or if you’re not seeing any movement on your ads, the real time data is critical to helping find your niche ad placement.

We’ve seen such a huge decline in traditional media placements over the last few years and we imagine they’ll become mostly obsolete as the internet continues growing. At SDB, while we still conduct traditional placements, we’ve seen a very sharp decrease in the last several years.

How Can You Be Sure They’re Seeing Your Message?

Tracking your advertising can be tedious but the advancements of online media has definitely helped. We have the means to determine which ads are successful through various tracking mechanisms…it definitely helps our customers see a return on their investment.

An additional, and more personalized step, is asking each person who calls or walks through your doors how they heard about your business and how they found you. It’s a great way to help understand where your customers are finding you. It’s also beneficial in helping you create rapport with them!

Wading through all of your options can be daunting. SDB knows that. We make it our job to make your advertising and marketing a breeze! Talk to an expert and give us a call today!


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