Are you considering YouTube? YouTube has turned into an incredible search engine for people to find funny, engaging videos that can tell visual stories about your business. YouTube user demographics are evenly distributed between men & women as well as all ages.

YouTube has become more than just a place to house millions of videos. They have made is easier for video creators to have subscribers. Get creative with your videos. Use them to educate, review products, tell a story, and take people behind the scenes or answer questions. A series of videos is a great way to keep people coming back for more. YouTube’s Channel discovery feature recommends channels based on existing subscriptions & viewing behavior.

If you haven’t considered using YouTube as part of your social media plan, now is the time. Below are a few key points to consider to get you started.

  • Create a branded channel by customizing it using specific colors, information and links to your website and other relevant social media pages. YouTube is great way to showcase your company culture, newest products and services and expertise so when people search for keywords related to your business, your videos appear.
  • Optimize your channel title and channel description using relevant keywords related to your business. Start your descriptions with a full url and be descriptive and key-word rich in your video titles & channel title.
  • Keep your videos short, sweet and professionally produced if possible. 60 to 90 seconds should be enough time to get your message out there and ensure you’re keeping your audience’s attention. The only exception may be your how-to videos.
  • Make sure your videos can be found by posting on other platforms.
  • Participate with others on YouTube. This means answering comments just as you respond on other social media platforms. Spend time engaging with others and visiting the competition to keep up with what they are or aren’t doing so well.

YouTube is a great place for any business. So go ahead and start your video camera now!

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