Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. If you read my Thanksgiving blog from last year, you know that I love cooking for my friends and family. However, after many years of cooking, especially for a crowd, there have most definitely been some mishaps. Today, I’m going to tell you a story about the Thanksgiving that almost wasn’t, due to a very fiery feast.

I have spent every Thanksgiving with my family. Even since I’ve been an adult. As the crowds have grown, my mom and I have split the cooking responsibilities. However, in 2013, the Man Friend and I opted for a “friends-giving” in Port Aransas with my mother-in-law and some of our friends. We rented a house within walking distance of the beach. We all brought our dogs. It was a great plan.

However, I was a little panicked. With the exception of the Man Friend’s mom (who prefers non-traditional turkey days, anyway), none of the participants had actually cooked a Thanksgiving on our own. I can handle side dishes but the bird? #ChallengeAccepted

My friend Christina and I scoured the Internet and settled on a brined turkey recipe from Alton Brown. We bought giant Ziploc bags to keep the bird marinaded and cool for the 8+ trip to the coast. Christina and I prepared the marinade, and did what you’re supposed to do by removing the gizzards. However, even after days of thawing, we made an usual discovery: there were no gizzards. Regardless, we zip-tied the bag around the bird, tossed it in a cooler, and hit the road.

A Very Fiery Feast…For My First Turkey Day

On Thanksgiving Day, Christina and I got up early to get started. Even though our vacation rental had a fully equipped kitchen, there wasn’t a turkey roaster. However, we were fully prepared with two disposable aluminum pans.

Or so we thought.

The vacation rental also had an amazing gas range as an island, though there was minimal counter space. So, when the time came to check the turkey halfway through cooking, disaster struck. Right around the time I pulled the bird out to the oven, the aluminum pan buckled, causing drippings to spill over the side…and directly only the gas range. The entire range went up in flames. The worst part? It was either drop the bird on the floor or catch the house on fire. Thanks to the Man Friend’s quick thinking, he turned off the gas, avoiding an even bigger disaster.

While we may have almost burnt the house down, we still had an amazing Thanksgiving. And as we were cleaning up, we noticed something a little odd about the turkey…it seems we finally found the stinkin’ giblets.

Wishing you and your family an incredibly happy Thanksgiving! May your turkey day be fire- and giblet-free!

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