A Chilling Marketing Campaign

If you’ve even come near a social media account in the past month, you are aware of the ALS ice bucket challenge; where nominated “victims” dump a bucket of ice water over their heads in an attempt to raise awareness for ALS. Over 1.7 million people have contributed to the ALS Association, raising upwards of $80 million. Needless to say, the attention that ALS charities are receiving is astronomical, and virtually free.Bringing awareness to your brand creates value for your marketing campaign!

So, from a marketing perspective, what can we learn from this ice-cold campaign? Great question. Here are 3 things:

  1. There is value in awareness-Sometimes, certain campaigns do not necessarily produce monetary value or it can be hard to assign sales figures to campaigns. However, creating an awareness of your brand can lead to a dramatic increase in sales revenue. For example, people won’t know to buy your product if they don’t know about it. Once they are aware of a product, and know that it exists, they now have the option of purchasing the product. Educating people on your brand is essential to the success of your brand. So, when preparing budgets and developing marketing strategy, it is critical to remember the importance of brand awareness.
  2. Creative ideas get noticed-The digital marketplace is filled with boring ads that all look the same. For your brand to stand out, you have to be different. Think outside the box to get noticed. Who would’ve thought that nominating people to dumb buckets of ice-cold water on their heads would create such brand awareness? So take a chance on a creative idea, and it just might pay off.
  3. Involve your customers-Provide an incentive for your customers to get involved. Use promotions or giveaways to generate awareness and build a following. The incentive for the ice bucket challenge was allowing people the opportunity to donate to charity, challenge their friends and (let’s face it), bring attention to themselves. The cost of giveaways or promotions is generally low, and can definitely pay off in customer loyalty and brand opinion/awareness.

You Can Do It Too!

Not only did the ALS ice bucket challenge bring awareness and raise money for ALS, but also it has shed light on some interesting aspects of a successful marketing campaign. The concepts of value in awareness, creativity, and customer involvement can be applied to your own marketing campaigns to create awareness, loyalty, and ultimate success for your own brand. Would you like more information on launching and measuring an effective marketing campaign? Click HERE or on the image below!

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