Continuing our Thanksgiving blog series, we’re featuring some funny Thanksgiving memories. For me, my funniest Thanksgiving memories are of my mother’s cooking, and I’ll share one here!

Okay…so before I begin this, I have to note that Thanksgiving is the only time of year my mother cooks and she cooks ALOT. Not a lot of practice mixed with a long to do list is sometimes not the best combination. Each year is always filled with kitchen fails and reactions that are legendary in our household. So here it goes Karen…let’s get it out.

Rolls Rolls Rolls

My mother, normally referred to as Karen, makes delicious homemade rolls every year. These small pieces of heaven require beginning the dough the night before, letting them rise in front of space heaters in the morning, and finishing them in the oven. Every year it’s a fight with the maltipoo keeping her away from them and making sure they rise correctly. But one year in particular, the maltipoo was the least of her worries.

No Rise & Shine

The rolls looked great. Karen had removed them away from the space heaters, finished them off in the oven and was placing the sheets of rolls onto the counter. Then WHACK! In a sick twist of fate, my dad’s cutting board that was leaning against the backsplash crashed on top of her masterpiece flattening them to no thicker than a piece of paper.

What happened after was a slew of words that cannot be placed on this blog. Sorry Karen, you know it’s true. We still enjoyed rolls that year, but they weren’t rolls as much as they were like wheat tortilla chips.

Nowadays, Karen is more careful about her rolls and we continue to enjoy them and the Thanksgiving memories of my mother’s cooking fails every year.

Happy Thanksgiving, and keep your rolls safe!

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