As Amanda said at the beginning of the week, we’re sharing some marketing horror stories in honor of Halloween…

It was a dark and dreary night…

A man, eyes full of fear, entered our office. “Sir?,” we asked. Is there something we could help you with? Shocked by the sound of our voices, he replied, “Uhh, yes. Please. I need your help right away.” He looks behind his shoulder and turns his attention directly at us.

His eyes are dark and he has a secret.

He whispers, “Someone is following me. I’m sure of it. I need your help right away.”

The SDB team is not in the business of criminal investigation, so we begin to turn him away. “No!” he says. “Please. Listen. I know you can help.” Once again, we give the man our attention and he explains…

“I search the Internet quite frequently, as most do these days. Whether I have a question or am looking to buy a product or need a service, the Internet is the first place I look.” He lowers his voice as he continues. “Someone, perhaps in my computer, is tracking what I search. They send advertising relevant to my past searches! Typically, it’s the exact same product or service that I was searching! What can I do?”

Ahhh, we reply. In fact, we can help. Let us offer an explanation, sir. One that will put you at ease.”

The SDB team calms the man down and begins to explain the concept of retargeting advertising. We tell him how no one is in his computer, tracking his searches. (Even though it may seem that way.) We continue to tell him that these are retargeting ads, placing a cookie in his browser to later deliver him ads for the terms he was searching.

…and guess what?” We say. It’s an effective form of advertising for your business! The man is relieved, even joyful, about the news we give him. So joyful, in fact, that he decides to use retargeting advertising for his own business!

Don't Be Scared!

Retargeting can work for you, too!


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