We’ve covered a couple of affordable marketing strategies that are guaranteed to work for your business, blogging and social media. But don’t worry, there’s more to come! We’re on to our third affordable marketing strategy…case studies.

The Importance Of Case Studies

Why are case studies important? They help give your (potential) client a relatable sense of what you can do for them. When someone reads a case study, relevant to their needs, they automatically put themselves in the position of the case and ultimately see how your services can benefit them. So, how can you turn a simple case study into one of your affordable marketing strategies?

Steps To Developing A Case Study

1. Pick a client that you have had success with (ask the client for permission first or don’t use a name). Make sure this client is fairly basic and straightforward, and can also be relevant to the majority of the people reading your case study (unless you plan to make a set of case studies, each relevant to the industries you serve.)

2. Start from the beginning and work your way to the end (think in terms of a timeline). Include necessary details, but nothing that would overcomplicate the case to an average reader.

3. Discuss what the client had done in the past, and where it got them. Had they had success in the past and were just looking to “amp up” their efforts so they came to you? Maybe nothing they had done in the past had worked and they came to you as a last resort. Discuss their goals you established and the timeline for achieving those goals.

4. Discuss the success your client had and what return (in their business) they saw from that success. If you can get a testimonial piece from that client, you’ll score extra points.

5. Make this case study in a easy to read, visually appealing PDF document that is easily printed or emailed to include in sales presentations or demos.

Get Started

There you have it! Yet another affordable marketing strategy that will work for your business. Need help getting started? That’s where we come in. Fill out the form below to have one of our marketing professionals contact you!

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