These days, anybody who’s anybody is on social media. The same goes for businesses.

An affordable marketing strategy that your business simply cannot do without is social media. However, when it comes to social media, the options are seemingly endless. Is it necessary to be on ALL of them?

Actually, no. Some businesses simply “don’t fit” on some social platforms. In discussing the affordable marketing strategy of social media, we will also cover which platform your business should be on, based on your target audience.


Facebook is THE social media platform and it is safe to say that every business should have a Facebook presence. So, if your target audience is a human, get on Facebook.


Pinterest is mainly for women who are shopping, designing, cooking…basically living. So if your target audience is women, especially moms, Pinterest is for you.


Instagram is best for younger audiences and is highly image driven. So, if you aren’t looking to attract young people or if your business simply doesn’t have anything to post pictures of, Instagram may not be for you.


Twitter is not exactly prominent in our area (West Texas), except for younger people. However, if you are targeting in a metropolitan area, Twitter is a must.


YouTube is essential for most businesses. This is because most businesses have some type of footage they can record to 1) put on their YouTube channel and 2) share to social media from their YouTube channel.


LinkedIn is best for businesses who are looking to hire professionals (professional agencies, medical facilities, accounting firms, etc.) You can run employment ads on LinkedIn and have a pretty good chance of finding a quality candidate, as well as let them know a little about your business (all before an interview).

Get Started!

So, if you’re looking for affordable marketing strategies, social media is a solution. In fact, (minus advertising), social media is free. Doesn’t get more affordable than that!

If your business needs help getting started with a social media platform, give us a call! It’s one of our (many) specialties, and we’d be happy to help! If you already have a social media presence, but are looking to maximize it, try out our social media analysis! We can tell you how your business ranks against others and what you should do to be better than the rest. Start by submitting the form below!

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