Being a content strategist I am constantly spending my work day on various social media sites on behalf of clients, creating fresh content and publishing a multitude of relevant and visual posts. When the work day is over, you would think my personal social media would not sound appealing to me, right? Wrong. I’m a little bit addicted to my phone and social profiles, as is most of the general public. Me personally? My main social spots are Facebook, Pinterest, Snap Chat, and my personal favorite, Instagram.


Instagram took the world by storm after its development in 2010. For me, it gave me the same feeling as I had when I first logged onto Facebook after spending most of my time on Myspace. It was a breath of fresh air. Much like Facebook, Instagram began to gain traction quickly, and Mr. Zuckerberg certainly took notice.

In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Still image driven, the app had not yet reached video capability. The year 2013 rolled around and so did the sponsored posts, followed by 30-second video message capabilities.

The steady rise, given the timeline of Instagram, is astounding and marketers cannot afford to overlook this social powerhouse and the opportunities that come with advertising on Instagram. Last month, Instagram reported they had reached 500 million users.

Advertising Dollars Well Spent

What a lot of marketers do not realize is, the fact that Facebook owns Instagram means you’re getting a “two for the price of one” deal when it comes to your advertising. For example, when creating an advertisement on Facebook, your daily or lifetime budget is used toward an advertisement that will show on both Facebook and you are advertising on Instagram. Two platforms and two methods of reach, under one set budget.

It’s important to understand the popularity of certain social media platforms. You want your advertising dollars where the most people are. The numbers discussed in this blog are proof that if you’re advertising on Instagram, you’re money is in the right spot.

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