In yesterday’s blog, we went over Snapchat basics (and we established that I’m really not that old…just maybe not so trendy). Today, I’m going to focus on some great benefits the app can have for your business with our adventures in Snapchat, Part 2.

It’s Big Brand Heavy Right Now

There are only about two dozen businesses are on the Discovery feature at this point. They’re all big brands like Cosmopolitan, Food Network, and MTV. Each day, they post several new snap stories for followers to catch up on.

Keep in mind that this option isn’t available to small businesses at this time. Due to this feature’s graphic and content requirements, it would be very time intensive (with a potentially large price tag) for a small business. However, there are some really great options available to maximize your presence using Snapchat.

*SNAP* To It!

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Sign Up And Go!

Try The World Snapchat story

Take a look at Try The World’s Snapchat story!

When you’re creating a Snapchat account, all you have to do is follow the same setup process as you would for a personal account. Follow these quick tips to make sure that you’re reaching your customers:

  • Have a specific name planned (similar to a Twitter handle) so you’re identifiable.
  • Be prepared to utilize your company logo for the avatar
  • As a business, make that you’re setting your snaps up to be part of your daily story. I don’t utilize the story option for my personal account (it just seems unnecessary for no more than I use the app), but it’s a critical component for small businesses to have their snaps available.
  • Make sure you’ve got game plan for your first few snaps. You want to make sure you have a few days of organization to get a good stronghold.

Words To The Wise

Adventures in Snapchat, Part 2

Took this at the office. Yay or nay?

There are obviously some things to look out for on any social media platform. Snapchat is no exception. Keep reading for a few recommendations on how to be a Snapchat pro!

  • Remember that your users have the capability to screenshot and replay your snaps or stories.
  • Keep your information professional and pertinent to your business. Adding in some fun, more personalized snaps is perfectly fine…just make sure you’re gearing the majority of them on business-related posts.
  • Post regularly! If you’re planning to use Snapchat as a marketing tool, it’s important to keep your audience engaged.
  • Try to avoid those “no-no” topics…if you wouldn’t bring it up at the dinner table with acquaintances, it’s probably a good rule of thumb not to put it on social media.

Snapchat is fun. Seriously fun. It’s a great way to connect with people (whether friends or customers) and it’s a fantastic tool. Wield it responsibly and enjoy *snap, snap, snap*


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