Contrary to the opinion of my counterpart, Kelsie…I am, in fact, not old. However, six months ago, I adamantly refused to download Snapchat. Like many other modern mobile apps, I figured it was just the latest trend among teenagers (which I am not) and celebrities (I’m out there, too). However, after a six month long experiment, I’m proud to present my adventures in Snapchat part 1 for your reading amusement…and how it can help grow your business.

"We Just Snapped You"

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A Brief History

Tap into Snapchat's Discover feature.

Hey ma! Look at this cool stuff!

Snapchat is an original in a sense that they were one of the first mobile apps to use timed “self-destruct” messages. In its early stages, many people were concerned about the app being used for potentially inappropriate content (see this great article on keeping kids safe!).  Once your photo or video has been seen, it’s gone, though users should be advised there IS a playback and screenshot option. However, if any of your viewers do this, you will be notified. Recently, large-scale users have started using Snapchat as a means to reach an even bigger demographic.

Cool Features

Snapchat offers several features for users. I’ll go over a few of them to catch you up to speed (remember this took me 6 months to figure out!).

Snaps – A photo or video message. Users can set the length of time an end user can view the snap: photo snaps can be timed from 1-10 seconds and videos for up to 15 seconds.

Snapchat lens fun

Am I at the office or a festival?

Chat – Just like a regular ol’ text message. However, once you move away from the chat screen, the text is gone.

Stories – Instead of having individual snaps, users can compile a group of snaps (video and picture) that will be available to be seen by a user’s friends for 24 hours.

Discover – This is one of my favorite Snapchat features. Major companies such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ESPN, and National Geographic have started tapping into the app. They’re condensing daily information into multiple shorter pieces, giving the viewer an option to “dig deeper” into the content if it interests them. They set up new stories every 24 hours.

Fun Stuff – There are various ways to make your snaps more fun!

*Filters – Change the color aspect or add time and temperature stamps to your photos. You can even set up “geofilters” by allowing location tracking.

*Lenses – Add funny animations to your videos or photos by adding a lens! I’m loving the hippie chick Coachella ones now.

*Draw/Text – Pop in your own doodles or create your own hashtags on your snaps to amuse your audience.

Now that you know the basics, be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2! We’re going to go over the ways in how this seemingly trendy app is actually a huge benefit to your small business marketing plan. I’ll snap you about it!

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