I’m not one to talk politics…

…so I’m not about to start today.

However, I will talk about ad placement during the presidential debate.

If you’ve followed our blogs for very long, you know that we typically pick a favorite commercial that runs during the Super Bowl. Well, since last night’s debate had a similar viewership (near 80 million), I figured I’d do something similar.

Did you notice any commercials during the debate?

Me either.

Reason being, there weren’t any. The 90 minute debate went uninterrupted by any commercials. However, there were pre and post debate ad placement positions.

I typically only watch live televised events, such as the Super Bowl or Presidential Debate, for advertising purposes. I don’t have any significant interest in either of these events, so when most people step away during commercials, I tune in.

Which last night meant, I really only paid attention before and after the debate.

Which is precisely why I’m not one to talk politics…

Check out this commercial that aired last night (and will also be aired during the next 2 debates).

To me, this is an awesome spot, placed incredibly. Let me tell you why.

First of all, it gets your attention. It’s action packed and makes you watch until the end. Besides action, the production quality is A game. And on top of all that, the “plot” is interesting. What’s going on? What are they fighting for? Why are the moving backwards??

Of course, it’s all revealed in the end when you see that the couple is fighting for a valet ticket to an Audi.

To me, AdWeek said it best:

“It’s the perfect spot for what’s been a brutal political season—it’s violent and unrelenting and (literally) backwards. Yet it’s also the opposite of this election, in that the ultimate payoff is well worth the wait and something everyone can love. Its gender-opposite foes are equally matched, and they both want the same thing. And it very cleverly positions the Audi RS 7 itself as the ultimate candidate—the thing worth choosing, no matter who you are.”

On top of awesome content and production quality, this spot was placed perfectly. If you’re going to pay for a TV spot, it needs to be placed where it will be seen. Obviously, people are watching this debate. Audi took advantage of that and placed their ad right where you (and the millions watching) would see it.

Kudos, Audi.

Be Seen.

Let SDB tell you how.
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