In this week’s blog series, I’m answering the question why use marketing for your business?

Marketing is something every business needs, whether they realize it or not. Our first reason?

Name recognition

Isn’t it cool to be able to tell someone where you work and have them say, “oh yeah, I’ve heard of you guys!” It’s just kind of justifying, and makes you feel like a big deal. But more than just justifying for you, is that it’s justifying for your business too. Marketing gets your name out there, it exposes your business, it helps you achieve name recognition.

Why is it important for someone to recognize the name of your business?

Make Yourself Known...

…with marketing, you can!

When someone recognizes the name of your business, they typically feel like you are more credible, as opposed to doing business with someone they’ve never heard of. However, there is always the case that they have heard of your business, but have a negative connotation for whatever reason. Marketing can help with that, too!

Check back for that one tomorrow.

How can you achieve name recognition with marketing?

Through marketing your business, you can create an awareness of your brand like you never have before. Putting yourself directly in front of your audience time and time again will create a top of mind awareness of your name. So, when someone needs your product or service, the first name they think of is yours.

When you achieve name recognition, you create an awareness of your business and you’ll ultimately gain more business. But what if you’ve already achieved name recognition and don’t need to prospect business? If that’s the case, congratulations! But marketing can still help your business. Tune in tomorrow to see how!

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