If you’ve been following all the March Madness craze, you may have seen Jimmy Fallon’s “puppy predictors” video. In case you didn’t, check it out here.


Sure, it was adorable, but, not much more than that.

So let me state the obvious. The puppy predictors, as precious as they may be, obviously have no insight on who will win the Final Four. I apologize to any of you Michigan State fans out there.

Are you using fluffy (hungry) puppies for your marketing? Let’s take a step back. Are you using some fancy marketing agency or program that is doing nothing but but being adorable? You can’t trust something just because it looks cute, just like you can’t trust the puppy predictors.

Marketing That Works For Your Business

You need marketing that WORKS for you. You know it’s working if it produces quantifiable results. If you can see the sales coming in as a result of marketing efforts, and if the agency (or program) is generating accurate reports on (at least) a monthly basis, then your marketing is working for your business.

Part of the process is finding what works. There are an abundance of marketing platforms, campaigns and channels that you could use for your business. How do you know what to choose?

We’re glad you asked.

If you are even considering implementing a new marketing program for your business, you need a strategy. How can you expect success without having a plan of action? That’s almost as silly as puppies predicting the winner of the Final Four.

So contact us today for a FREE MARKETING STRATEGY. We’ll assess your industry, as well as your competition to determine the best plan of action to bring you marketing success. Don’t take a shot in the dark, trust the experts to give you the results you want.

Wondering what qualities you need in a marketing agency? Check out our blog from last week.

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