On a daily basis, I have a “modern day experience.” Some moment when I think to myself, “wow, how times have changed.” Or, “how was this even done before a cell phone?”

I’m sure you have these experiences yourself.

Which is why I’m choosing to write about them. This week, I’d like to share some “modern day moments” and I’m hoping you’ll think to yourself, “glad to know I’m not the only one!” I’ll start with one I had just yesterday…

I’m sitting at the airport, waiting to board a plane. This lady across from me is absolutely frantic, muttering things like “I just had it!” and “Where could it have gone?!”

Modern Day Marketing

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By the looks of it, you would think she had lost her child.

I soon realized she had misplaced her boarding pass. I saw she had a smartphone sitting in her lap. I figured I’d have a “Good Samaritan” moment…

I brought to her attention the fact that she could access her boarding pass on the Southwest app on her phone. I helped her download it, log in (she already had an account), and view her boarding pass.

You would’ve thought I had just performed a miracle. She was SO thankful. I considered it a win/win. She got her boarding pass, and I felt good enlightening someone about the resources modern technology can provide.

Point of the story: don’t print your boarding pass.

Just kidding.

Real point of the story: Technology isn’t out to get you. It can actually be extremely beneficial. You just have to approach the situation with an open mind. You get what you give, people.

Don’t worry, dear readers. This does tie into your marketing. Stay tuned to the end of the week! We’ll be discussing how make your marketing “modern day marketing,” where it is relevant to your consumers.

Tomorrow…find out how to “Get Where You’re Going.”

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