If you’re like me, you don’t watch commercials.

I fast-forward right through them. Sometimes, I even wait to watch a show that I’ve recorded until it’s almost over just so I can fast-forward through commercials.

And, in the horrible case that I have to watch a commercial, I get on my phone and catch up on my social life.

(Yes, I realize the irony.)

Well, that behavior is something that politicians have picked up on. Check out the snip below from a USA Today article:

“Outsider-neophytes like Trump have thrived with little or no paid TV, while some of the least successful candidates have spent the most.

Bush’s campaign and political action committee spent more than twice as much as the nearest Republican, Marco Rubio, and aired about $30 million worth of ads in early voting states. But now he trails in those states and averages in the low single digits in national polls.

Other candidates have fared even worse.

• Rick Perry’s political action committee spent more than $900,000 in Iowa after he announced his candidacy in June. Three months later, he was out of the race.

• A Scott Walker PAC had begun a $17 million campaign just a few days before the former Iowa front-runner dropped out in September.

• A PAC supporting John Kasich bought more than $5 million in TV ads in New Hampshire this fall, but his share of Republican support there has dropped from 12.7% in late summer to 9%, according to RealClearPolitics’ latest poll average.”

-USA Today

Paid TV Isn't What It Used To Be...

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Interesting, huh? So many people think of paid TV when they hear the word “advertising.” Well, it’s time to change that. Paid TV isn’t as effective as it used to be.

All of that to say, if your primary marketing medium is TV, you may want to reconsider that. We are happy that it may have worked for you in the past, but times have changed. As Donald Trump would (probably) say, “make marketing great again!”

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