I typically don’t enjoy commercials.

Honestly, they annoy me.

(I may be in marketing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a normal human irritated by interruptive inconveniences…like commercials. They give “advertising” a bad name of you ask me!)

Okay, rant over.

However, I did happen to stumble across a commercial that actually caught (and kept) my attention. If I have to choose a “favorite” (least disliked) type of commercial, it would have to be Christmas commercials.

This commercial is for a German supermarket chain and could be the most ridiculous commercial you’ve ever watched…

If you can’t spare the 1:46, I’ll summarize it for you: daughter calls father (sweet old man) and breaks the news that no one will be able to come home for Christmas. Father is very sad, but sets the table and enjoys Christmas dinner alone. Cut to daughter getting a phone call that her father (sweet old man) has passed away. Tears. Family comes home to go to father’s funeral. Upon entering father’s house, entire family is greeted by a beautifully set table, ready for them to enjoy. Plot twist. Father peeks around the corner…he isn’t really dead! Family sits down together and is finally able to enjoy Christmas as a family.

The commercial plays with your emotions and by the end, you don’t know whether to be sad, angry, or full of Christmas spirit. It’s a strange sensation, really.

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So why did I like this Christmas commercial? It captured my attention and made me think. THAT is the key to a good commercial. Giving people a reason to watch and not just mindlessly fast forward.

However…I did not see that Christmas commercial on TV (or I may have fast forwarded through it).

Which brings me to Part 2 of the “key to a successful video ad…”

(Hint: It involves YouTube.)

Stay tuned!

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