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If you’re like most Americans, you have learned to take advantage of the free service that enables you to save and share photos, videos, docs, etc. known as dropbox. But there may be some things about dropbox that you don’t know about…take a look!

1. Send emails to your Dropbox as attachments – If you don’t have access to your Dropbox, there is still a way. Create an account with SendToDropbox.com where it will create a custom email address. This address will send all attachments to your Dropbox without you even having to sign in.

2. Get more storage for free! – When you register for Dropbox, it will only allow 2GB of storage. But with every referred friend you receive an extra 500MB. But we’re not done! You can receive another 250MB for completing the “Getting Started” checklist, AND 125MB for connect your social media. P.S. You can earn up to 32GB of extra space referring a friend.

3. Share music – By creating a music folder you are able to share music with your friends! Cool right? You can add music to this folder you think your friend would like, and vice versa. Pretty neat.

4. Attention android users– you can now download any app off the web and have it sent directly to your phone. How do you do that? Download the app on your computer. The app will end in .apk (Android install package). Download to your Dropbox and upload from your Dropbox on your phone. This is a great way to save storage room on your mobile device!

5. Become a spy – this is a geeky trick but could turn your office into a home security system. By connecting a motion sensor camera to your computer you can record videos of things happening in your home when you are not there. To do so, set the camera software to save your video files to your computer instantly, make sure these videos remain short and low resolution for space. Then have them automatically saved in your Dropbox. Now you can check the videos from anywhere!

Like most technical tools, especially ones that are new to the market, there is a lot about them you may not know about…which may have you wondering, what online marketing tools are available that you’re not utilizing? Well, we’re here to help. Request a marketing needs analysis by clicking the image below!


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