Facebook is the most popular social network, so as a small business, why wouldn’t you consider Facebook advertising? However, for a Facebook advertising campaign to be successful, it must have 4 things.

4 Things Your Facebook Advertising Must Have:

1. Clearly defined goals-What do you want from Facebook advertising? More page engagement? More likes? Increased contact information? The first step in advertising on Facebook is to set specific, measureable goals within a realistic time frame. This goal and the time frame you set to achieve that goal will depend on the specific business you’re in. The following three steps will help you especially if you are looking to collect more contact information through the use of an offer.

2. An offer-When advertising, to get, you have to give. So create a compelling offer that will bring you closer to your previously set defined goal. For ideas, think about what you already have, look through your archives for offers you’ve given in the past. If an offer appealed to your customers in the past, more than likely it will again. If you didn’t see much success from a past offer, make changes to make it more appealing. If you have an offer that consumers consider to be of value, they will be more willing to give you the information you need to convert them to a lead.

Facebook advertising is the way to go!

Americans spend an average of 40 minutes a day on Facebook. So why not add Facebook advertising to your marketing campaign?

3. A landing page-After you’ve come up with an offer, it is now time for one of the most important parts of a campaign. The landing page. The landing page can be seen as the wrapping paper that covers an awesome present. To get to the present, you have to tear through the landing page. And the wrapping paper can make the present look even better than it actually is! Make the landing page visually appealing by choosing text size/color, layout, and background image that will grab the attention of your visitor and convince them to fill out the form on the landing page to get the offer.

4. A thank you page-You’ve come up with campaign goals, an offer, a landing page, and now it’s time to thank your (new) lead and give them their offer. Your thank you page does not need to be anything complicated, just a simple “download here” with a clickable image and word of thanks is all you need!

Try, Try Again

Remember, Facebook advertising is a process and patience is key. If one campaign doesn’t work like you think it should have, tweak it and try again. When doing your own Facebook advertising, it’s about learning and doing it differently (and hopefully better) next time. While powerful, Facebook advertising is only a small part of your marketing campaign. Want more information on launching and measuring a remarkable campaign? Download our FREE eBook by clicking HERE or on the image below!

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