When it comes to medical spas, people have a choice. They can choose to use you…or, they can choose to use your competition. It comes down to marketing (and being found-see more on that HERE) and your credibility. Use these medical spa marketing strategies to guide your marketing plan!

1. Understand Your Target Market-For medical spas, the primary target market is women. Make sure everything you do appeals to those women and leverage relationships with women clients. Cater social media around the platforms that women use (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

2. Great Space-A medical spa should be highly visible to the general public, with appropriate signage. Recognition is a critical element of marketing. Make sure your space and signage/logo reflects your website, social media, etc. Space (both inside and outside) should be maintained regularly. After all, no one will want to come to a medical spa that doesn’t take care of itself!

3. Advertising-Paid advertising is another critical component of medical spa marketing strategies. However, “traditional” (i.e. billboards, TV, radio, etc.) do not have the reach or the impact that they used to. Utilize other forms of paid advertising, such as online ads on search engines and social media. Create an awareness in the mind of patients that makes them think of YOU first!

4. Website-It’s all about your website! Really. Not having a website today is like not having a presence at all. But not just ANY website. You medical spa website must be content rich, specific to your patients’ keyword searches and optimized for such. Find out have to optimize your medical spa website HERE!

These 4 medical spa marketing strategies will help guide your marketing plan towards the overall goal of more procedures, more clients, and growth for your practice! Get started TODAY by clicking the image below.

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