Happy November!

Can you believe it’s here already? Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas!

In today’s blog, we are taking a step back and discussing one of the primary reasons behind your marketing. A reason that you might not always remember…but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s discuss how to show your customers you’re thankful for them.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

How do you show someone (anyone, not just your customers) you’re thankful for them? You make them feel appreciated! Of course, there are a lot of different ways you can go about doing that, but you do something “out of the ordinary” that gets their attention. Something that makes them stop what they’re doing so that you can say thank you.

Okay, so you would send your wife flowers, or maybe take her on a date…but you can’t do that for all of your customers…so how do you appreciate your customers? Read on.

Appreciate Your Customers

With marketing, of course!

3 Ways To Appreciate Your Customers

1. An easy way to appreciate your customers this month is by offering a discount or promotion on their next purchase. Give this offer a “Thanksgiving” theme and make sure you tell them you appreciate their business! Include the offer in social media posts, email distribution, etc.

2. Another (non-marketing) way to show your appreciation is simply by giving your customers your time. All too often, we get busy and rush through customer requests, questions, etc. Doing simple things like making eye contact and silencing your phone can make a world of difference in showing your customers you care.

3. How often do you check your business’ social media accounts? Hopefully (at least) daily! That’s the way so many of your customers communicate and it’s the way they will get in touch with you. If you aren’t responding to their messages or comments, you are (unintentionally) showing them you don’t care. Be conscious to check social media and respond to any client requests, concerns, questions, etc.

Make it a priority to appreciate your customers. Not just at Thanksgiving, but everyday! Customers who feel appreciated will keep coming back to you!

This week, we’re giving you more ways to appreciate your customers…and some may surprise you! Stay tuned for more to come…

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