Wait…what? Why would SDB give you any reason why you should hire a marketing director? I think you’ll enjoy this!

(1) Paying Salaries & Benefits Is Right Up Your Alley!

Why You Should Hire A Marketing Director

Save money by calling SDB

Reducing your cash flow and increasing your operating costs is a blast, isn’t it? Having a full-time employee means paying salaries, insurance, retirement, paid vacations, sick leave, and other benefits.

On average, employers pay between 1.25 and 1.4 times a person’s salary in benefits.

Example: $50,000 * 1.25% = $12,500 paid in benefits

$50,000 * 1.40% = $20,000 paid in benefits

For small businesses, these cost can add up quickly and be a significant impact on your bottom line. But that’s no big deal to you, right?

(2) It’s SO Easy To Find The Right Person Who Can Do It All

Why You Should Hire A Marketing Director

Can one person really do it all?

Traditional marketing. Multi-platform social media. Television commercials. Script writing. Search engine optimization. Graphic design. Crisis management. Radio spots. Blogging. Web advertising. Reporting and analytics. Video production and editing. Google AdWords writing. Digital marketing. Public relations. Web design. Content creation and design. Logo and slogan creation and management. Photography. Advertising negotiations. Event coordination. Branding.

But we’re sure there’s one person who can cover all over those roles. Like the guy who plays quarterback, wide receiver, line backer, and defensive end. Totally doable. I mean, why hire a team of specialists to make sure your business is marketed the right way? Chances are, they’re not going to subcontract out any of those services, either (*chuckles*).

(3) Your Small Business Requires 40+ Hours A Week Of Marketing

In a small business setting, every penny counts. So unless you have bookoos (SIDE NOTE: we have a little Amanda-learned-something-new moment: this is an Americanized slang of the traditional French word “beaucoup,” which is pronounced bō-(ˌ)kü and means “an abundance of” or “many”…but I digress) of extra cash laying around to fund a full-time marketing director who has all of the capabilities we mentioned in point #2…it’s probably more realistic and money-savvy to hire a professional marketing team.

Let SDB Be Your Out-Of-House Marketing Department

(No, We Didn't Say "Outhouse"...Gross)

So yes. We’re being a little facetious here. Okay, fine. BEAUCOUP facetiousness is going on here (*vocabulary level up!*). However, in all reality, your marketing and advertising is a critical part of your business’s success. SDB Creative Group knows small business. We’re fun, professional, creative (it’s in our name!), and forward-thinking. We know advertising and marketing. And we make it a point to learn more every day. Unless you’re a Fortune 500, it’s better to outsource your marketing to agencies like SDB who do this as a profession. Kind of like you wouldn’t hire a mechanic to roof your house.

As a small business, your money matters to us. We don’t want to be the company you hire. SDB likes to consider ourselves a member of your team…WITHOUT the added costs and WITH the added experience and expertise.

About the Author:

Amanda's brain for business and love of words combine to make her an ideal fit as a Content Strategist for SDB Creative Group. She enjoys collaborating with clients and coworkers alike to create the perfect combination of information and fun. Amanda is the mama to three adorable fur babies and an "Ammay" to multiple nephews and nieces. In her spare time, she's a world traveler, a culinary adventurer, and always has her nose in a book.