Well, hey there, trendsetter! A new year, a new you…right? Though I don’t necessarily think a wild new look or crazy diet will stick throughout the year, there are some 2017 marketing trends you should follow. Stick with the cools kids and read on for more.

Mobile Is A Priority

Many businesses are moving away from traditional desktop-only access. It’s critical to optimize your business’s information around mobile friendly websites and, in some cases, mobile apps.

Get On Board With The Big Dogs

In a recent article published by MarketingLand, Google and Facebook owned eight of the top ten most-used smartphone apps. If you don’t have a marketing plan that includes those two companies, you’re missing out on a massive customer base.

Customer Interaction

Knowing that you care about your customers is a great way to increase your business presence. Allowing them to engage with you and your business not only allows you to interact with each other, you’re able to increase your brand awareness.

Use What You’ve Got

One of the best aspects of digital marketing is its ability to capture data and determine who’s actually interested in your business. It’s SO much easier to market to people who are already want what you’re offering. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping for fish…use the bait you know they already like.

It's Totally Okay To Be Trendy.

We Can Help Make Your Marketing The Trendsetter

Keep It Short

Instagram Stories and Snapchat are super hot right now. If you’re looking to condense what your business has to offer into little bites, these apps are the way to go. They appeal to the modern, on-the-go mentality of today’s world.

Make Allies

Influencer marketing is becoming a huge trend. Buddying up to a person or business with a well-established social media base to help promote your (obviously awesome) product or service is a great way to spread the word and reach a whole new sphere of influence.

Make Your Marketing Matter

Take a page the book of companies like Yoobi. For every office or school supply product they sell, they donate one to a school in need. Social awareness is a big way to not only increase your brand, it’s a great way to give back.

Get Real

People aren’t ignorant: they know when you’re pitching them ads. By focusing on providing them valuable information to help them make a business decision, you’re boosting your credibility and brand authority. This concept is known as “native advertising.” And it’s way more useful than another ad.

I hope these 2017 marketing trends get your year off to a great start. If you need help figuring out your best course of action, SDB is available for a complimentary consultation.

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