On The Go Marketing Became A Must

Smart watches and “weareables”  have been discussed for years, but 2016 was the first year the trend really took off, according to Forbes.com. Consumers everywhere now have information on their wrist and need content to be quick and easy to read. On the go marketing was now a living and breathing monster to tackle.

What does that mean? This year, marketers had to make some serious adjustments. Articles went from deep in detail content to at-a-glance, get the point material.

Even Google Responded

Even Google responded with their accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), which make content load seconds faster for someone on mobile or a device. That makes a huge difference on if the consumer will even take a look at your content or not.

Seeing technology evolve and watching on the go marketing so quickly adjust was my favorite of the marketing innovations this year.

Choose SDB For Your On The Go Marketing Plan

SDB Creative Group stays on top of this ever-changing industry and works hard to make sure our clients are using the latest Google has to offer, that their content is easy to read, and that they are connecting with customers on multiple platforms. Give us a call or fill out our form below and let’s take on the 2017 on the go marketing world together!

A New Year For Marketing

Choose SDB For Your On The Go Marketing For 2017
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