We have all heard the anti-social media people out there passing on their judgement to the rest of us that we aren’t experiencing life and always have our faces in our phones! To some degree, they are probably not wrong, but in 2016, I made a commitment to use my social media to connect more and prove that theory wrong. Though it isn’t necessarily a marketing innovation, it has been a year of Facebook reunions.

Mindless vs. Genuine Connections

Have you ever been at a restaurant, see a “Facebook Friend”, and not say a word to them? I found myself doing that more and more. I know what they ate while on vacation or that they had been ill, but didn’t feel that I knew them well enough to warrant a quick “hello”. How could all of this connecting I was doing on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter not lead to any actual connecting? I resolved to change this and make 2016 the year of reconnecting!

A Year Of Facebook Reunions

My favorite was connecting with relatives that I know, I would not know anything about, if it wasn’t for Facebook. I wouldn’t know, my cousin, who I last saw when I was around 10, was married and just had a sweet baby boy. I wouldn’t have known that she only lived 45 minutes from my son who was in Colorado for school. In June, I had the pleasure of meeting her son and partner, and seeing the great state of Wyoming.

In August, I caught up with another cousin while in Colorado. She and I had the best visit an I feel closer to another branch of the family. While dropping off my son at college, I posted a tearful good bye picture and learned that a sweet friend from Midland High School lives close and would love to check on him. I love that my father in law, who lives far away, and can’t get back to Texas to see the kids as often as he would like enjoy the pictures I post and makes him feel closer to his family.

I feel that we were created to be in relationship with each other. That God’s master plan is for us to LOVE. Sure, all social media platforms can be used for evil, but can’t most things in life? I enjoyed my year of reconnecting and plan to continue it in 2017. Instead of thinking social media is an invasion of privacy, a bunch of boastful people or recipes that will make me fat, I am seeing the advantages of togetherness, the collective gathering of ideas and most importantly, the LOVE.

Have a blessed and social 2017!

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