So when asked to write about my favorite marketing tool of 2016, I had to think for awhile…
But then I knew, there was no doubt that my favorite marketing tool was Real Time Reviews.

A couple of months ago, we were introduced to Real Time Reviews. Once we heard more about it, we knew that we had to bring it to our clients. You see, we’ve struggled with the process of collecting Google reviews. We understand the importance of them, but we didn’t know how to make it easy for our clients to get Google reviews. A lot of times, someone is willing to give a Google review, but they don’t know how. And honestly, Google doesn’t make it easy.

Basically, Real Time Reviews is a simple platform used for getting and managing Google reviews. Here’s how it works: once you sign up for the platform, your business is given a unique dashboard and link to be sent out. You send this link, via text or email, to the person who’s giving the review. Upon receiving, they click the link and are automatically directed to your Google page with a 5 star review. All they have to do is leave a comment (optional) and click “post.”

It’s seriously as easy as that!

You can use Real Time Reviews for Yelp and/or Facebook too…it’s not limited to just Google. So far, our clients have seen great success with Real Time Reviews and I look forward to more clients using it in 2017. If you’d like more information on how the platform works, or how to get started, contact us! We’d be happy to tell you more!

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