Each month, the content team works to provide analytical data and reporting measures to each of our clients. Not only does it provide us a benchmark for how well our efforts are paying off, it gives our clients a chance to see the “behind the scenes” look at everything we’re doing.

And I absolutely hated doing it. Or, at least, I used to. That’s until we found an effortless reporting tool that allows us to capture and manage our client data.


I genuinely used to spend hours each month pouring over reports. SDB Creative Group manages multiple clients over multiple platforms. Each of our clients utilizes a unique combination of advertising mediums. Unfortunately, not all of them are in the same place. The content team used to have to set aside a full day each month to pour over the information and condense it into a format our clients could understand. Our new software saves us hours each month…which frees us up to spend more time coming up with creative ideas for our clients.


Our previous reporting mechanisms didn’t provide us an easy way to capture all of the data over the different platforms. Just to name a few, we use Google (Adwords, Analytics, YouTube), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), review apps (NextDoor, Yelp, Google My Business), and email metrics. That’s a lot of different sources to pull data. This new report software is fantastic! Once we link the accounts, it’s a breeze to pull all of the information with the click of a few buttons.


As each of our clients is unique, so is the information they need. If our clients aren’t interested in Pinterest, there’s no need to pull data to highlight it. We no longer have to provide a “one size fits all” reporting template to our clients. Whatever they want, whatever they need…it’s all right there. The data is also showcased with color, graphics, and useful information.

If you’re interested in seeing what SDB Creative Group can do to help you understand the big picture on your advertising, ask us about our analytics and reporting. It’s a great tool that helps us make better advertising and marketing plans for 2017.

Reporting Can Be A Breeze In 2017.

Ask Us How We Can Help Make That Happen.
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