If you’ve been online lately (who hasn’t?) you know that the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show began yesterday. Early press events have established 3 categories: smart cars, accessories, laptops and wearables.

It won’t come as a shock to you that all of these gadgets have one thing in common: “The Internet of things.” Check out this interview I found on CNBC:

“One of the themes is just the changing of the guard in the consumer electronics world,” said Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White. “We’re at an inflection point in consumer electronics, and the stuff that drove consumer electronics in the past will decline.”

In 2016 mobile devices, TVs, laptops and desktops will account for 51 percent of the industry’s $287 billion in revenue, but new technology will continue to take a growing share of the market, Consumer Technology Association said in a Monday night presentation. “The catalysts for industry growth are newer innovations such as wearables, virtual reality and drones.”

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The “Internet of Things” will be a huge growth driver for those products, but don’t expect to see entirely new categories at this year’s CES. “This year is more about evolution than revolution,” said Gartner analyst Brian Blau. “People have seen a lot of these in earlier forms, probably less functional, but what we’re seeing now is a real uptick in terms of functionality.”

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