1. Stop being idle.

Fear of Failure is one of the most common reasons people don’t move forward in their business. Are you afraid a change in direction with your marketing plan will not work and will actually make your business lose money? It may, but it also might be the greatest decision you’ve ever made. Life’s always changing, is your business ready to change with it?

#2.Stop being scared to make a mistake.

Everyone knows Thomas Edison made 10,000 attempts at the light bulb before he found success. Mistakes will happen. Keep trying until you find the greatness you are working towards. Here at SDB Creative Group, we work hard to come up with clever marketing campaigns that will make your business shine.

#3. Stop trying to be someone you’re not.

There is a business in our home town that used to sell food, oil changes, candles, car washes, lotto tickets, sodas, t-shirts, and more, there was even a parrot for sale! As I sit in their waiting room with mostly men, I can’t help but notice they aren’t a bit interested in the bibs, candles and especially the parrot. This business recently revamped their marketing strategy and the only services available there now are oil changes and car washes. This makes so much more sense! That is who they are and why people want to come to them. I’m not saying a soda wouldn’t be nice while I wait, but I do prefer the streamlined approach to their business.

#4. Stop running from your problems.

Every business has its ebbs and flows. Face these head on! It won’t be fun, but there isn’t a person in the world more committed to your business than you!

#5. Stop lying to yourself about your business.

Have you lost focus? Is your bottom line looking bleak? That happens! Understanding where you really are in your business can help you get to where you really want to be.

#6. Stop putting your business’ needs on the back burner.

A Business coach once told us that we needed to stop working in our business and start working on our business. Their advice was to work at least one hour a day ON growing our business. It has worked and it’s amazing how just one hour can make a difference. 

#7. Stop trying to hold onto the past.

In our marketing world, how we did business 5 years ago and how we do business today is dramatically different. I’m sure that is how it is in most industries. We often hear owners of business tell us how they aren’t growing but seem to be unwilling to move past how “they have always” done business. Adapt and grow!

#8. Stop thinking you’re not ready.

Are you hesitating getting your name out in front of the world, because you aren’t sure you’re ready? STOP! Get out there, grow, adapt and change. Did Amazon ever say they weren’t going to take any more orders because they weren’t ready…NO, they adapted and made themselves ready!

#9. Stop rejecting new relationships just because old ones didn’t work.

Have you been burned in business by certain vendors? We have worked with a lot of businesses that have been taken advantage of by website developers, media reps and more. They often decide advertising doesn’t work for them. Often that is just due to a business not following a marketing plan. We can help!

10. Stop doing the same things over and over that don’t work.

Maybe you haven’t rejected new business relationship because the old ones didn’t work, but instead kept doing the same thing over and over hoping that it would work this time…INSANITY! Always monitoring your marketing and approach to advertising is key to not wasting time and money on something that is not effective, and with advertising and marketing always changing, you can’t afford to do the same thing every time.

11. Stop letting others bring you down to their level.

Do the yelling used car guys drive you crazy? Some people think this is the only way to advertise the Used Car, but it’s not! There are great, less annoying ways to get any message across. SDB Creative Group has the most creative staff to help you come up with a marketing campaign that will make clients want to do business with you !

#12. Stop trying to make things perfect.

While we know that analyzing and monitoring your marketing strategy the best way to measure its effectiveness, we also know that nothing in life is perfect. SDB Creative Group will do our best to make sure your marketing plan is running smoothly and will be there if any changes need to be made. It’s part of our job on your team!

#13. Stop following the path of least resistance.

Did that media representative wear you down and you bought an advertising package, because they are nice? Stop! We at SDB Creative Group know how nice all of the representatives are that come in your office. We work with them too. That does not mean their service or product is best for your business. Let us help you weed out the bad opportunities and focus your business on the great opportunities.

#14. Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen.

We often hear about how a business doesn’t want to lose money on ineffective advertising, or get taken advantage of by a web design company that goes dark. We can help you navigate the treacherous advertising world, allowing you to focus on the positives that can come from advertising not the negatives.

#15. Stop being ungrateful.

No matter what shape your business is in now, it is a blessing to be in this country and able to own your own business and live the American Dream. SDB Creative Group is so thankful for our clients and being a part of their team. We celebrate with them and look forward to many more years of partnership.

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