Alright guys, I have a problem… I tend to overshare. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone actually tell me that I share too much. I just find myself in the middle of a rant thinking: “OMG why are you still talking about this?”  I like to give people every side to my story, “why?” you ask? Well, I was always that kid that asked “why?” way too many times to my parents, I always want to know more, and I’m not alone in this either. Everyone wants to know more, so I figured I’d save you the embarrassment of asking and just give you what you want. You’re welcome. Okay, enough about why I do this, let’s just get to the story.

My husband and I are currently enrolled in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (this is the overshare). Not that we’re bad with money, but we’d like to be better.  Last week’s lesson was titled “Buyer Beware”.  I was extremely nervous for this lesson because I knew Dave was talking directly to me.  He shared with us this small but powerful statement: “Marketing Works”.  I rolled my eyes when he said this, marketing was my major in college, of course I know it works. What I didn’t know, was how simple Dave would make this concept seem.  It took me 48 minutes to fully comprehend what took me 4+ years of college to semi-understand. (Hey Sam Houston, maybe you should consider hiring Dave!)  Now I want to share with you why marketing works, why you need marketing, and why SDB should be your agency of choice.

Marketing Works… duh

Just to clarify, I had to watch “Buyer Beware” twice last week because all I could think about the first time around was how I couldn’t wait to write about how important marketing is!  During this lesson, Dave singles out a few companies and why we all know who they are.  So, why do we all know who these companies are? Marketing.  For example; how many times have you found yourself craving a new food you just saw in a Subway ad, or singing the theme show from your favorite sitcom? Repetition is the key to marketing. The more something is put in front of you, the more you’ll think about it. Marketing is an almost subliminal way for businesses to make customers aware of them, and a cleverly run campaign can make you a household name, sometimes even overnight.

Marketing:  the business activity of positioning products or services in such a way to make them desirable

Why Does My Business Need Marketing?

Simply put; the definition of marketing is the exact reason your business needs it. Confused? Don’t be.  I may work for a company with “Creative” in the title, but that doesn’t mean I am creative, I have to put effort into it.  And, just because you have a business doesn’t mean you know about marketing, you hire the professionals for that.  To sell your products, you must make them desirable. This is exactly what Dave Ramsey tells us about successful companies; they know if they market their product or service to an audience in the right way, they’ll be successful. So why does your business need marketing? To expose potential customers to your products and most importantly, your brand.

Why Should I Choose SDB?

Well, there’s no use in denying it – marketing works, and it’s a critical component of your business’ success.  Now you know you need help, but how do you choose the right agency?  This is where SDB Creative Group can help you out!  We have one product we deliver to our clients, success! Just what you were looking for.  We have a tailored marketing plan for each business based on your needs, goals and resources.  At SDB Creative Group, growing your business is our top priority.  Success is waiting! Let’s talk about growing your business.

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