1. Self-driving cars: yes it is already being inventing, but image everyone having one! Enjoy a relaxing road trip or check your phone while on the road because cars are well on their way to driving themselves. You can look forward to no more tickets for speeding and running stop signs because you have technology to control that for you!
2. Smart homes: we already have the internet in our homes but imagine it controlling them. With voice activated doors and breakfast delivered to us in bed, who knows what the future holds but it’s exciting!
3. City Streets: currently the streets are filled with all sorts of advertising. But could you see the advertisements becoming interactive? Billboards syncing to your phones, text running along the roads as your drive by, and games to keep you entertained while driving the long way to Grandma’s.
4. Smart Phones: Smart phones will be a thing of the past. Opening your phone on any surface as a digital light projection, taking shape to where ever and whatever needed.
5. Smart Body: we can already keep track of our bodies, what is going in, and how far we ran the other day, but all is done with manual input. The internet will soon be monitoring our bodies inside and out keeping us up to date on how we are doing throughout all parts of the day.
6. Smart Medicine: can you diagnose yourself? With the future ahead of us you will be able to diagnose yourself, see a doctors and get prescribed medicine all from the comfort of your home alongside a computer.
7. Smart Clothes: taking shape and texture to whatever the environmental conditions may be, your clothes are ready. Shirt turned rain coat while still breathable, done. Dress shoes turned snow shoes, done.
8. Smart Sending: sending your physical packages has never been so easy. With an entire Internet integrated “Fed Ex” your package costs less to send and gets there twice as fast! All without men in brown outfits.
9. Hate the grocery store? Let the grocery store come to you. Picking out your groceries, waiting in line and pushing around a shopping cart is a thing of the past. Online grocery shopping delivered to your door is the new way of the Internet. Maybe you’ll even be able to ship from different parts of the world with the click of a button, arriving at your door within minutes?
10. Willy Wonka: So maybe we won’t be able to transport people through tiny pixels like they did in the movie but we can dream right?
From a marketing standpoint the future is something to get excited about! Image the possibilities and creative ideas to come!

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